March Against Monsanto Injustice

This is message to all March Against Monsanto (MAM) supporters.

We at March Against Myths (MAMyths) honor you as activists and respect your passion for justice. With many years of activism experience we understand the struggle for change through action. We feel an affinity with you and some of us were you. We know that we share the same values.

Because of this we are compelled to warn you. Please beware, March Against Monsanto is not what you think it is. It’s not a mere march against a corporation. It spreads dangerous myths that threaten the good of the people. They spread myths that are pseudoscientific and conspiratorial that go way beyond simply marching against Monsanto (or even GMOs!). This translates to anti-vaccine, anti-medicine (cancer myths etc), harmful anti-autistic rhetoric, even publishing a moon landing denialist (yes, that is the company they keep) and ultimately contributing to anti-GMO sentiments that perpetuate terrorism!


We at March Against Myths defend science and truth specifically for the cause of justice. Our concerns led us to contact the leader of March Against Monsanto, Tami Canal about these myths. She made it quite clear that she is unwilling to take a second thought about the corrupt information they spread.

Justice requires truth and pseudoscience is an injustice waged upon the people. MAM is a toxic scourge that is taking advantage of your passion for justice and hijacking your values.

If you support MAM you are complicit in their campaign of injustice.

Marching against a corporation is one thing, but the science denial and fear mongering is unjustifiable. MAM appeals to people’s (quite justifiable) distrust of corporate corruption with a cartoon bogeyman. Their irrational view of the world poisons the culture and hurts people.

We’ve been talking to many MAM supporters and they’ve been dropping their events and moving away from MAM themselves. We’ve seen their numbers dwindle year after year as people realize the ugliness behind the platitudes. MAMyths isn’t alone in standing up against them either. More and more cities join us and spontaneous non-MAMyths counter-protests have been popping up.

This is your opportunity to do what’s right. Leave MAM or, if you do march with them, denounce their activities that stray from their mission against the Monsanto company. If you really hate Monsanto, then hold fast to that struggle in our shared spirit of satyagraha.

Thank you for your time and let’s make the world a better place, together.


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