For too long myth mongers have been saturating people’s minds with myth-information and unfounded fear about issues like genetic modification, agriculture, and food. These fears have real world consequences keeping solutions out of the hands who need them most. This becomes an issue of social justice so we fight to regain solutions that will help people across the world.

March Against Myths was created to stand up for science and to call on others to do the same. We are radicals for science utilizing organization and movement building for social change. We employ tactics of direct action where applicable. We are not an educational/outreach group, but rely on our partner Biology Fortified, Inc for those efforts.

Code of Conduct
As a public movement based on volunteer support we cannot be responsible for every individual’s behavior. But we do our best to make sure everybody understands and abides by our Code of Conduct. The MAMyths organization disavows any behavior that violates these terms.

MAMyths operates in the spirit of Satyagraha (tenacity for truth with compassion) and Agape (unconditional love for our fellow humans).

  • We respect people regardless of their inherent traits.
  • We counter systems, not people
  • We are unapologetically steadfast and resolute in the fight.
  • We maintain independence, free from influence of any profit-motivated industry.
  • We are nonviolent in our opposition.
  • We do not destroy property.
  • We operate within the law.

*Official MAMyths chapter organizers have agreed to a more comprehensive CoC and all participants should be made aware of it.