March Against Myths was created in 2015 to fight harmful myths and to call on others to do the same. We are unabashed defenders of science utilizing grassroots organization and movement building for social change. We are proud pioneers of science activism.

Myth mongers saturate minds with junk science falsehoods that instill unfounded fear. These myths are so pervasive that often, they are the loudest voice in the conversation. By rising up and disrupting efforts to propagate myths we bring awareness of another voice. A voice of reason connecting science with values.

We employ tactics of nonviolent direct action where applicable. While education and correcting myths are a natural outcome of some of our projects and actions, we are an activist group, not an educational/outreach group, but rely on our partner Biology Fortified, Inc for those efforts.

Vision Statement
We envision a world where truth inspires the same motivation to action in science issues that compels other movements.

Mission Statement

March Against Myths takes action against junk science injustice.



  • We dialogue toward common ground
    Talking with others, not at others is important for constructive positive progress, together.
  • We create space for science to be heard
    Acting in partnership with science communicators helping them do what they do best.
  • We act with steadfast passion
    The cause is just and we must never relent for it is the right thing to do.
  • We inspire and empower others to take action
    The cause deserves a movement and pioneering efforts to create one.
  • We utilize science to inform
    In the fight for truth we recognize science as a crucial tool for impactful change.
  • We target systems, not individuals
    We must trust that people victimized by myths can change.



  • Love – Unconditionally for others
  • Knowledge – Ideas require nourishment to grow for positive change
  • Justice – Everybody deserves a fair world
  • Creativity – New solutions for pioneering efforts
  • Truth – A real impact requires it
  • Trust – A foundation for working together



  • Justice requires truth. Without knowing what is real we cannot make fair decisions. Myths are a threat to justice.
  • Activism as a tool for social change plays a valid and important role
  • Science deserves to be defended
  • Emotion is valid
  • Facts cannot advocate for themselves
  • Corporate corruption is real but not inherent
  • We need to be proactive rather than reactive
  • Science myths are not harmless

March Against Myths Code of Conduct
*(This mission statement is a living document that will evolve with our work)