Take Action 2017

Join us as we take the street and #DefendScience against junk science profiteers of fear.

We’ve marched in the streets in support of science on April 22 with March for Science. One month later we invite you to continue the defense of science with a counter-protest of March Against Monsanto (MAM). MAM has been protesting ever year since 2013. We started countering them in 2015.
They started as an anti-Monsanto group but quickly adopted science-denial stances. Throughout the year their social media pages are spreading misinformation from dubious sources. They scare people into taking the streets under false pretenses. Worse, this misinformation can put the public at risk and stymie solutions we so desperately need. Please read our open letter to MAM supporters to understand better the misdeeds of this group. Here is MAM’s campaign for 2017.

While MAM spreads myths, we side with the scientific consensus and fight for these important ideas:

  • Vaccination is vital for disease prevention.
  • Genetic engineering is a safe and important technology.
  • Modern medicine has improved the quality of life.
  • Human-caused global warming is real and needs to be mitigated.

Thank you for marching for science and continuing the fight. To find out more about our organization you can check out our mission and read articles written about us.

Please join us at a MAMyths event happening near you (see below)!

If there isn’t a local chapter, consider starting one by registering through this form:

Chapter Registration 2017.

(Once approved we will guide you through the process.)

Thank you for your interest in DEFENDING SCIENCE! ✊

If there is no local MAM to protest, or if you can’t join in person, you can still help spread the word! On May 20th, follow along and use hashtag #DefendScience to share your own reason why you support MAMyths!

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