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Another company is ditching non-GMO labels because they are misleading and are against their views on sustainability! Clover Leaf Seafoods responded to their customers' concerns, and will be phasing them out on their tuna cans. Read their explanation, and go tell them what you think.
Who's next?Commenting politely as a consumer actually helps guys. My second success.
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5 months ago

March Against Myths About Modification

The pseudoscience of phenotypic racial categorization was borne from enlightenment reasoning and labor exploitation.

Origin of Everything
Do you believe that your race correlates to your skin tone? Because that wasn’t always the case. So how did Americans come to believe that race equals certain visible physical characteristics such as skin color and hair? And why is it that certain ethnic groups that were once considered “non-white” became reclassified as “white”?
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