Who are you?

We are people with a passion for challenging myths. We are not shills of industry and any funds we receive go to offsetting costs for our campaigns. You can read more about the founders on our About page.

Are you paid by Monsanto?

We are not paid by Monsanto or any other industry. We are all volunteers with a passion for justice and do this of our own free will.

How are you funded?

Currently, our main source of funding is through t-shirt funding site like Bonfire. Read more about how that works here:  Bonfire – How It Works
We are not contracted or paid by any industry. Everything is run by volunteers and what doesn’t come from our t-shirt drives comes out of our own pockets. Our activism is rent for living on this planet.

I would like to donate money.

Well thank you very much. That is very kind and generous! Currently though we have no way to collect donations. We may do so in the future and will make an announcement if that happens.



You should use educational outreach not emotional activism.

We respect the work of many science communicators and educators out there. Our partner Biology Fortified, Inc, in fact, has been doing just that for many years. March Against Myths fills in a niche that’s missing. Grassroots organizing for social change is a component that’s important if we are ever to make progress fighting pseudoscience injustice and myths.



T-shirt sizing is limited.

We would like nothing more than to offer sizes for all body types but we are at the whims of the t-shirt printing service. Please contact them with complaints.

Why T-shirts?

This originally started to offer a shirt we can wear to our MAMyths events. Due to popular demand we now offer these up to the general public with plans for multiple designs.

Why Green?

Green is the MAMyths color and we wear this color in our actions to show solidarity. Wears yours to your next MAMyths event!

I missed the Tfund but I would like a shirt.

That is too bad. Our funding drives offer shirts at discounted prices. Due to popular demand though we now offer these shirts through a print-on-demand service at Zazzle store. Or you can wait for the next drive which we try to do quarterly.

International shipping is way too expensive.

The downside to using Tfund is that shipping for  international orders outside the USA is way too expensive. We are hoping to find a better solution in the future, sorry. Otherwise you can check our Zazzle store for other options. (If you know of a better t-shirt campaign service please let us know.

How can I get a t-shirt?

New shirt designs are introduce as a Tfund campaign. The price is reasonable yet the timeframe is limited so be sure to watch the MAMyths Facebook and Twitter channels for announcements.