About Us

March Against Myths was founded by the three people below in response to the egregious GMO myths perpetuated by March Against Monsanto. You can read some of that history here. You can read our mission here. We are a partner organization of Biology Fortified, Inc.



Karl Haro von Mogel

Co-Founder, Scientist Karl Haro von Mogel is a research geneticist based in Madison, Wisconsin, active science communicator and public speaker. He spends much of his free time helping people understand the complicated science of GMOs. kavinsamurai

Kavin Senapathy

Co-Founder, Author and Mom Kavin Senapathy is a freelance writer, science communicator, and mother of two young children living in Madison, Wisconsin. She believes that critical thinking is key in raising well-rounded children, and that embracing biotechnology is imperative to this objective.

Kavin is also co-author of “The Fear Babe: Shattering Vani Hari’s Glass House.”


David Sutherland

Co-Founder, Activist and General Rabble-Rouser David Sutherland is a Chicago-based artist by profession, vegan & animal rights activist in his free time. As part of his early activism he contributed efforts to anti-GMO causes. With a discovered interest in science and critical thinking he had a change of heart and mind. Now he has a mission and passion to undo those wrongs and demystify the issues surrounding GMOs and biotech.