March Against Monsanto Negotiation 2016

Before taking action again against March Against Monsanto we wanted to first try to negotiate a compromise. We feel that we share many of the same values and concerns. Our appeal was clear, march against Monsanto if you must, but please leave other issues like GMOs, vaccines etc out of it.

This was our first email establishing contact with Tami Canal, Founder of March Against Monsanto:

We were happy to receive a civil response and looked forward to beginning a dialogue and began to hope for a positive resolution.


The three of us put a lot of consideration into the above email, hoping to negotiate back and forth a bit to figure out where we our common interests could build a bridge. A few days passed and  we did not receive a response, so sent a follow up:


April 2nd came and went. We are still open to a dialogue with Canal and MAM leadership. But this year, as we have been unable to even continue our dialogue let alone come to an agreement, we will march, on May 21st, 2016, everywhere. See how you can join in and help March Against Myths here.


Tami claims to have sent us a reply on an anti-science Facebook page. We asked her to simply FWD the sent email back to us and she continued to fail to do so. She cannot help to spin more myths as her organization also exemplifies. She did write a new email to us that went like this.