An Open Letter to Chipotle

The following is an open letter to Chipotle regarding their efforts to stigmatize biotechnology (“GMO”). This climate of fear has real world consequences and we believe in scientific solutions over corporate profits. We tried repeatedly to solicit a direct email address but were completely ignored. We hope this public letter finds the people at Chipotle and they contact us.  If we get a response we’ll update this page below.

Dear Chipotle,

We are a recently-formed grassroots movement called the March Against Myths about Modification (MAMyths). Our group consists of your target demographic: we care about the sustainability of our food supply, and we want healthy food for our families. Our membership is worldwide and continues to grow every day.

Your “Farewell to GMOs” campaign states that GMOs have negative impacts on animal welfare, farmers, and the environment. Unfortunately, by perpetuating myths about GMOs, you are actually hurting the causes you claim to defend.

You call into question the scientific consensus on GMOs, when in fact every major scientific and medical association in the world agrees GMOs are safe. You claim there haven’t been enough studies done by scientists who do not have an incentive to produce particular results, when in fact there have been over 1700 studies on GMO risks, and over half had zero industry funding. We’ve had 20 years of GMOs without a single documented negative health effect.

We’re concerned that your fear-mongering and unnecessarily scaring consumers about a very safe and useful technology will work against us all in the end. There are very real problems like feeding a growing population in the face of climate change that biotechnology has the ability to help address.

MAMyths members also care about animals, farmers, and the environment. We challenge you to talk to scientists and farmers about GMOs, and to stop spreading misinformation about them. We have some specific suggestions on how you can improve your campaign.

  • Consult with biotech scientists and farmers to ensure that your information is evidence-based.
  • Remove negativity associated with the term “GMO” from your marketing materials.
  • Re-vamp your Cultivate events to truly educate consumers on GMOs, including the benefits they have provided by way of reduced carbon footprint and increased yields.

Our group has many members who are experts on biotechnology, from scientists to farmers. We invite you to engage with us and draw on our expertise to help you correct some of the misinformation you’re including in your marketing materials. Perhaps together we can further consumers’ understanding of this technology instead of contributing to unnecessary fear about our food. Please contact us through our website and lets start a dialogue.

Kind regards,
The March Against Myths about Modification

8/12/2015 via email

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Date: Wed, Aug 12, 2015 at 4:46 PM
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To ensure we receive your response, please do not modify the subject line.


Thanks for reaching out. I’ll pass this message on to all the appropriate people so your concerns can be heard.


Customer Service Consultant
Chipotle Mexican Grill

With no further response we are mobilizing activists to challenge GMO myths directly at their Cultivate festival. Please join us in Minneapolis on Saturday August 22nd in Loring park. [Facebook event link]