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CHICAGO (May 20, 2017) – Following the March for Science, one organization is keeping the momentum going to #DefendScience. Groups around the world will gather for the third annual effort to protest the annual March Against Monsanto demonstration (MAM), which has drawn protesters to spread misinformation and fear about scientific topic such as vaccines and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

“MAM’s anti-GMO and now anti-vaccine agenda perpetuates falsehoods with tangible harmful impacts” said MAMyths co-founder and science writer Kavin Senapathy.  “We’re tired of these groups spreading false information.”

Senapathy founded MAMyths with geneticist and science communicator Karl Haro von Mogel and artist and animal-rights activist David Sutherland.

“I’m a scientist and it’s frustrating to see science twisted and spread so widely among the public,” said Haro von Mogel. This year, MAM plans to roll out more focused anti-vaccine rhetoric, which MAMyths says is an injustice.

Initially conceived as a symbolic event in Chicago, MAMyths grew into a coordinated movement on social media. As the movement gained momentum, groups around the world organized city-specific events to coincide with and challenge the March Against Monsanto. In addition to the main event in Chicago, MAMyths will have a presence counter-protesting MAM in Denver, CO, Salt Lake City, UT, New York City, Ottawa, ON, and London.

In previous years, MAMyths showed up to counter-protest in several additional cities, but this year it appears that MAM is slowly dying out. “There are a few MAMyths chapters reporting that there is no MAM to counter-protest this year,” said Sutherland. “This is definitely a victory for our small but strong movement.”

“March Against Monsanto spreads junk science under the veil of fighting a corrupt corporation,” said Senapathy. “The truth is, they use the specter of a big company to spread unjust myths that threaten the well-being of people, farmers, and the environment.”

The science supporting the safety of biotechnology and vaccines is exhaustive and sound. There have been a whopping zero incidents of harm to human health from GMOs since their introduction. Every major scientific body and regulatory agency in the world, including the American Medical Association, the National Academy of Sciences and the European Commission, has evaluated the vast body of data on GMOs and concluded they are safe.

“We have a right to be angry, and we’re showing up to make it loud and clear,” said Sutherland.

“Vaccine refusal kills, and blocking access to GMO hurts people and stifles important solutions to environmental problems,” Senapathy added.

Haro von Mogel is enthusiastic. “We’re taking the science to the streets!”

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