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CHICAGO (May 21, 2016) – Groups around the world will gather together in a continued effort to protest the annual March Against Monsanto demonstration. March Against Monsanto (MAM) has drawn protesters to spread misinformation and fear about scientific topic such as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). This year March Against Myths About Modification (MAMyths) has launched a grass-roots endeavor to ask MAM supporters to refocus on their mission.

“Activist groups like March Against Monsanto have been filling consumer’s minds with distortions and unfounded alarm about GMOs,” said MAMyths co-founder and science writer Kavin Senapathy.  “We’re tired of these groups pushing an agenda rooted in false information.”

Senapathy created the MAMyths movement with geneticist and science communicator Karl Haro von Mogel and artist and animal-rights activist David Sutherland.

“The science on genetically engineered crops is clear, but the public has been left behind in this discussion, allowing mythmakers to spread misinformation unchallenged,” sand Haro von Mogel. “We started this movement to give scientists and supporters of science and reason another way to balance that misinformation with facts. This movement is centered on arming the public with facts about genetically engineered crops and countering myths with real-world examples that show the public what is really going on.”

Initially conceived as a symbolic event in Chicago, the idea grew into a coordinated movement on social media. As the movement gained momentum, groups around the world organized city-specific events to coincide with and challenge the March Against Monsanto. In addition to the main event in Chicago, chapters have been formed across the world: Vancouver, BC, CA, Seattle, WA, USA, Dublin, Ireland, Las Vegas, NV, USA, Denver, CO, USA, Tempe, AZ, USA, Ottawa, ON, CA, Grand Rapids, MI, USA, Eureka, CA, USA, Portland, OR, USA, San Francisco, CA, USA, Salt Lake City, UT, USA.

This year the three founders of MAMyths sent a list of the most egregious myths being promoted by the March Against Monsanto to its founder, Tami Canal.

“We asked that MAM stop promoting pseudoscience and conspiracy theories and focus on the business practices of the company they were protesting. Instead, Tami doubled-down on myths about vaccines, GMOs, ‘chemtrails’, and more,” said Senapathy.

“March Against Monsanto spreads junk science under the ruse of fighting a corrupt corporation,” said Sutherland. “the truth is they spread unjust myths that threaten the good of society.”

The science supporting the safety of biotechnology is exhaustive and sound. GMOs are the most researched and tested agricultural products in history. Since the introduction of GMOs in the mid-90’s there has not been one single documented incidence of harm to human health. Every major scientific body and regulatory agency in the world, including the American Medical Association, the National Academy of Sciences and the European Commission, has looked at the research about GMOs and concluded they are safe.

“Just this week, the National Academy of Sciences released the results of a 2-year-long consensus study about the science of genetically engineered crops, concluding that these foods we are eating are safe, and that there is no substantiated evidence of harm,” said Haro von Mogel.

Sutherland added, “We’re going to take the science to the streets!”

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