MAMyths Campaign 2016

March Against Myths (MAMyths) was founded in direct response to anti-GMO, anti-vax, science denialist group March Against Monsanto (MAM). 2015 was our first year. We made a big impact; with some naysayers who felt that a counter-protest would serve little purpose changing their tunes. We reached a lot of people, both in person at our marches around the country and the world, and via social media as well.

We have a mission. We strive to target systems of injustice not people. Before we took action again this year we felt the need to step back and personally reach out to Tami Canal, founder and leader of March Against Monsanto. We know we share a lot of the same values, desires and dreams for making the world a better place. We honor them as activists to take action in trying to achieve such goals. But they stray from their purported mission against the company Monsanto. Their website is a barrage of activity posting articles that are clearly pseudoscience myths. Myths that aren’t just incorrect, but an injustice. This is what we find most objectionable. We put aside any grievances to hopefully find some common ground for which to bury the hatchet. Our appeal was clear, march against Monsanto if you must, but please leave other issues like GMOs, vaccines etc out of it.

Ultimately we were rejected. Their onslaught of attacks on GMOs and science did not abate and she ignored any further contact. You can read that whole exchange here: March Against Monsanto Negotiation